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August 18-20  2021

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China Chamber of International Commerce

China National Household Electric Appliances Commercial Association

China Household Electric Appliances Research Institute


Cixi Municipal People’s Government

China Chamber of International Commerce Ningbo Commerce

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Ningbo ShangChen Exhibition Service Co. , Ltd.

Ningbo XinChen Exhibition Service Co. , Ltd.

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为加大提升宁波家电产业的主导地位,推动长三角区域整体家电产业转型发展,实现中国家电制造业的高质量转型发展。由中国国际商会、中国家用电器商业协会、中国家电研究院主办的2021中国(宁波)国际家电博览会暨长三角智能家居产业博览会将于2021年8月18日-20日在宁波国际会展中心1-8号馆举办。The 2021 China (Ningbo) Household Appliances Expo and Yangtze River Delta Smart Home Industry Expo, organized by the China Chamber of International Commerce, China Nat ...[View more]


Booth Prices

特装区(每个≥36 m2):800/m2

Special booths (each ≥ 36m2): 800 yuan/m2

标准展位:8000/个 (双开口上浮10%展位费)

Standard booths: 8,000 yuan per booth (10% extra fee for second entrance)



Advertising Prices


会刊:封底15000/页                             彩页6000/页                 

Expo Catalogue Feature:

Back cover feature: 15,000 yuan/page

Color page feature: 6,000 yuan/page


其他:证件广告:50000/项                       礼品袋:30000/5000

      门票广告:30000/30000张                  展架广告:8000//展期


More options:

Ad on event pass: 50,000 yuan per ad unit

Gift bags: 30,000 yuan for every 5,000 bags

Ad on entrance tickets: 30,000 yuan for every 30,000 tickets

Ad on display racks: 8,000 yuan/piece/exhibition period

Homepage carousel display ads on the “HAEH” Wechat mini program: 100,000 yuan per banner per exhibition period

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Main traffic service calls :

Ningbo airport advisory telephone: 0574-89006525     xiaoshan airport advisory telephone: 96299

Shanghai field consulting telephone: 021-96990    Shanghai railway bureau consultation telephone: 95105105

Shanghai long-distance passenger transport station: 021-54353535    Ningbo south station: 0574-87133561

hangzhou automobile south railway station: 0571-86075352    xiaoshan bus station: 0571-82683456

Hangzhou nine fort passenger transportation center: 0571-87650679

cixi long-distance bus station: 0574-63812874 cixi taxi: 0574-63807111

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Exhibits Range

Exhibition process:

1, the enterprise registration 2, committee audit information 3, the enterprise selected 4, enterprise payment 5, enterprise to receive information on the 6, corporate reports 7, enterprise certificate

Water appliances(水家电)

air purifiers, ventilation systems, humidifiers, water purifiers, water dispensers, direct drinking machines, smart water machines, water vending machines, water softeners, drinking utensils, building water supply equipment, shower filters.

Major household appliances(大家电)

refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, freezers, etc.

Small household appliances(小家电)

heaters, electric irons, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, electric heaters, air humidifiers, humidity regulators, oxygen bars, soya-bean milk machines, juicers, mixers, massagers, electric fitness products, coffee machines, electric kettles, water heaters, etc.

Kitchen and bathroom appliances(厨卫家电)

integrated stoves, range hoods, gas stoves, disinfection cabinets, water heaters, electric ovens, dishwashers, bathroom heat lamps, microwave ovens, etc.

Smart household appliances(家电智能化)

smart applications of household appliances IoT technology, wireless modules, smart solutions, household appliances ecosystems, etc.

Household appliances machinery and industrial supporting services: (家电机械及产业配套服务)

sockets, switches, thermal fuses, circuit boards, power supplies, generators, antennas, silicon devices, capacitors, resistors, connectors, relays, robots, robotic arms, banking, logistics, industrial design, insurance, legal consultants, e-commerce.

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